In the latest Digital Shift webinar, a quarterly service from Econsultancy, we cover topics including:

Amazon, Covid-19 and ecommerce revenues: With the coronavirus dramatically accelerating the shift to ecommerce, we examine how Amazon has benefitted and how exactly it makes its money.

The integration of digital and physical commerce: Discover examples of innovative ways that digital is being brought into the physical store environment, and how they are helping retailers better understand users’ physical and voice profiles in order to empower new forms of recommendation and services.

Embedded payments: With Google Maps positioned to become the next super-app, we look at some compelling markers for that with the integration of more functionality and embedded payments into the app.

Video commerce: The convergence of the trend towards video content and the uplift in distributed commerce are combining to create some new innovations for how video can drive conversions and serious sales.

Instagram at 10: Instagram reaching the decade milestone is an opportunity to consider the platform’s future, including its more seamless integration of commerce features.

Augmented reality: We look at some innovative work from brands and designers.

Learning from the East: Tencent is possibly the most important business in the world of which those in the West know relatively little. This presents an opportunity to look at how its investment strategy is setting it up well for a future that will inevitably include version of what is being called ‘the metaverse’.

As ever, plenty of challenge but also plenty of opportunity.